Josh's farewell and Cemetery Party

May 18, 2015

As part of my farewell tour at LEM, I have agreed to preach this Wednesday. It will be an odd experience at this point speaking without slides and also not talking about my thesis. This Wednesday will also be our celebration of Pentecost. I have not ruled out repeating one paragraph in several languages I may or may not speak as my homily. Also, I’ll be wearing red, so I encourage you to as well. To watch it all go down (with or without flames), join us for our service at 5:15 in the Chapel. As always, we will also have dinner around 6:30 in W11.

To celebrate the end of the semester, LEM is planning to amble around Mount Auburn cemetery to enjoy the nature we’ve been missing while writing papers and finishing p-sets. There may also be a contest to find the most ironic epitaph. If you want. Not that you have to think about it being an actual cemetery if that gives you the willies. Anyway, we’ll be meeting at 4:00 on Friday in front of W11 to head over to Mount Auburn cemetery. Feel free to join us at any point in the evening. We should be at the entrance to Mount Auburn around 4:45 and out to dinner around 6:30. If you are not meeting us at W11, feel free to call Thea’s cell (617-453-1253) for figure out where everyone else is.