Lutheran Episcopal Ministry at MIT



LEM is an open-minded, progressive Christian community rooted in the Lutheran (ELCA) and Episcopal traditions. All are welcome.

Students, staff, and faculty come to the Lutheran Episcopal Ministry (LEM) with a wide variety of prior religious experiences and personal beliefs. Our weekly worship is rooted in the Episcopal and Lutheran traditions, and includes prayer, hymns, readings from the Bible, a sermon, and Holy Communion.

Our life together as a community is less about making sure we all believe the same things, and more about creating a spiritual home where we engage the ‘big questions’ together: questions about God, ourselves, our world, discipleship, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, science, believing, knowledge, and much more.
Many of us find that praying and thinking about these questions is centrally important to our lives and to the decisions we face every day.
All are welcome. Come join us!