Important Announcement!

On September 15th, the Table will gather in the Mezzanine Lounge of the Student Center (W20). We will return to the chapel on September 22. This is to make way for our Jewish sisters and brothers to use the chapel for Yom Kippur.

We are an open-minded, progressive Christian community.

We are Christian. We strive to follow Jesus in his way of love and justice. Our weekly worship is rooted in the Episcopal and Lutheran (ELCA) traditions, and includes prayer, hymns, discussion of readings from the Bible, and Holy Communion. Some of our members are Lutheran or Episcopalian; some of our members come from other Christian traditions or are exploring Christianity for the first time.

We are progressive. We have a living faith that is open to new ideas. We invite questions and respect scientific inquiry. We want to learn from the experiences of our fellow human beings, including all genders, sexual identities, races and cultures. Jesus calls us to seek life, liberation and love for all.
All are welcome. Come join us!